Public procurement services

Development of the public procurement function across Europe

In 2010s PTCServices Ltd has been increasingly involved in international projects related to developing the public procurement function on national levels, particularly in eastern European countries. These projects have included preparation of legislation and regulations, consulting the optimal level of centralization, e-procurement, writing guidelines and providing extensive training.

Most recent tasks include assisting in modification of national laws in accordance to the EU directive and providing a manual on how to adopt the best price-quality -ratio as award criteria.

Our diverse and experienced team of experts is able to approach procurement related issues from legal, managerial and economical viewpoints in both national and international contexts.

Finland’s leading Public procurement consultant and trainer

If the Act on Public Procurement seems abstruse, we will help to interpret it. Our expert advisors know from A to Z the processes, laws and jurisprudence involved in public procurement, hence our customers can focus on the essential, that is, what is purchased.

We are ready to assist you in a flexible and rapid manner. Our down-to-earth approach in solving all issues related to public procurement, and, when necessary, leading you by the hand through the entire procurement process would bring benefit to your organization. We also provide services for you in contract law, corporate and labor law assignments, as well as litigations.

We can make your working day much easier.

Our Company

Finland’s leading public procurement consultant and trainer

In 2004, a new directive came into force in the European Union, which not only reformed the regulation of public procurement but made it more complicated as well. As a result, there was a growing demand for experts, who would assist various parties in legal figures of public procurement. Pilvi Takala also realized this. She had a vision of a consultant office that would bring together top experts in public procurement. This is how PTCServices Oy was born in autumn of 2004. The abbreviation PTCS consists of words “Procurement Training and Counseling”, accordingly, the company started with providing training and counseling services on public procurement matters.

From the very beginning, Pilvi’s vision was a low internal hierarchy within the company and avoidance of unnecessary bureaucracy. Without intermediaries it would be easy and swift for the customers to keep in touch with designated experts. Today, the owners of PTCS still practise as consultants.

Over the years, PTCS has grown into Finland’s leading consultant office specializing in public procurement. We have assisted hundreds of customers throughout Finland and Europe in numerous challenging assignments. One of PTCS top events is the yearly Forum for hot topics of public procurement, bringing together professionals in the field. The forum’s authoritative guest speakers have been, among others, Minister of Labour Jari Lindström (2016), Professor Sue Arrowsmith (2015) and Member of European Parliament Sirpa Pietikäinen (2014).

Public Procurement Expert Services

Measured by the number of experts and years of experience, we are the most experienced state-of-the-art service provider in public procurement in Finland. We are able to offer exceptional know-how as our experts focus on public procurement on a full-time basis.

Our teams have the expertise and experience of hundreds of competitive tendering. Our slogan is: “ Unnecessary to reinvent the wheel, our services are there for you.”

We are managing the steps of procurement process with a confident manner, since we are working daily with all procurement procedures.

Examples of our service concept 


In role of spotter, we will assist you during the procurement process, for example, by checking for you that there are no “pitfalls” in the documents.

The spotter will give you precise instructions on how to proceed, advises on correcting your documents or if you are wondering whether or not to exclude an offer or ask the tenderer for clarification, we give you the answer.


We can take care of the entire procurement process for you, or act as a colleague. A Colleague will assist you by sparring and walking you through the complicated chapters, “hand in hand”.

If necessary, a colleague will give a hand in making an invitation to tender, publishing a contract notice, checking and comparing offers or negotiating a contract.


In the role of project manager, our expert takes the responsibility specified in the contract of your project.  The project manager can, among other things, prepare a project plan, propose a suitable procedure, provide document templates and act as a member of the procurement team.

Our experienced staff is at your service in solving problems that might arise during various procurement processes, and if necessary, mastering judicial arbitration.

Contractual services

We offer a wide range of services in contractual needs, both for companies and procurement entities.  Our experienced experts will assist, for example, in the following contractual assignments:

  • drawing up own contract templates
  • drawing up own general contract terms
  • contracts for procurement of goods and services
  • Secrecy and security agreements
  • outsourcing contracts
  • letters of intent and pre-contracts
  • works contracts
  • all IT agreements
  • cooperation and consortium agreements
  • concession contracts
  • leases

We have a long and wide experience in international projects such as EU-funded cooperation and project contracts and contract negotiations.

For further information, please contact CEO Saila Eskola, tel. +358 50 369 7614, or Vice president Laura Mäki,, tel.+358 50 591 6553.

Training services

Trusted trainer of public procurement

PTCS provides public procurement training all over Finland and also abroad whenever an opportunity arises. We are a trusted training partner for both procurement entities and companies participating in a tendering process: we train hundreds of participants monthly, for example, in procurement legislation and procurement processes.

Our recognised trainers are leading public procurement experts in Finland with solid experience in applying procurement and contract legislation in real life.

For further information, please contact Anna Kaitera,, tel. +358 40 147 8720.

Our newest innovations

Procurement bot Hank

Algorithms supporting procurement – procurement bot Hank has been born!